The Story About Queen

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Queen is a fashion jewelry brand founded in 2017 by designer Alla and her close friend String who also a designer. Through a unique perspective, they discover the emotions and resonance of the subtleties of life, draw inspiration from life, and then give back their work to life. They are good at creating fashion jewelry with both elegance and fun through figurative techniques.
Together with her friends, they created a fashionable shopping platform for ladies to find fashion goods and great deal for themselves and their friends without spending a lot of time and money.

Queen conveys the life philosophy of "be your own queen and enjoy every shining moment" through jewelry. Queen Jewelry tells a romantic and beautiful story behind each series. Jewelry is no longer an object, but a carrier of emotion and resonance.

Store image
Store image

Queen boldly uses a variety of pearls, zircons and sterling silver materials and alloys, an exquisite traditional hand-inlaid process to create a young style jewelry that is both suppressed and fun.

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